We’re a team of highly motivated innovators.
As a values-based company, we strive to achieve the impossible:
ensuring absolute customer satisfaction.


We have established ourselves in the marketplace by having an enthusiastic
and dedicated team. RPB management is also committed to helping employees
build great careers, in a rewarding work environment.


We’ve clearly established the values required of all employees in the RPB Value Statement:


  • LOYALTY – the foundation of which every relationship is built from.
  • INTEGRITY – follow through on your commitments no matter what.
  • KNOWLEDGE – be interested, listen and you will learn.
  • ENTHUSIASM – make it your goal to brighten someone’s day every time you communicate.
  • SERVICE – care for the customer, they want to be cared for, every time.

Are you driven by a sense of accomplishment?
Are you guided by a strong sense of personal values?
Are you interested in working for a company that respects and truly appreciates its employees?


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