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We raised $2400+ this #Movember! Thank you to everyone who helped fund a worthy cause for our fathers, brothers, husbands and friends! #LifesBestMoments #GrowAMoSaveABro : Tim Jones, RPB Safety, London HQ uk.linkedin.com/in/tim-jones-08766443

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Team Radio (Nova Talk) - Nova 3 Upgrade

Team radio for the Nova 3. Every blaster looking to raise their game in 2018 should consider this. rpbsafety.com/nova-talk

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Tear-off Lenses - Nova 3

#GIVEAWAY! Free tear-off lenses or a beanie! How many hours a DAY do you blast?? Leave a comment. (Winner chosen at random.)

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Dear Wednesday, you’re my next target. 🥊 #MidWeekMotivation

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Say hello to our newest team member. We hope this little guy holds on to #LifesBestMoments for a lifetime to come.

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Happy December! ⛄ This month, send us your #LifesBestMoments to have your photo/video featured and score free prizes!! http://www.rpbsafety.com/lbm

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Vision-Link: Z-Link Helmet Lighting

This is what 650 lumens of concentrated light looks like! We’re not just keeping you safe. We’re protecting you for #LifesBestMoments ️

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Grow a mo. Save a bro. Help our New Zealand team raise funds to stop men dying too young from cancer and suicide! moteam.co/rpb-green-forces (1 U.S. dollar = 1.4 New Zealand dollars!)

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What MORE d’ya need? New helmet lighting just released. Attaches to the bottom of the visor. rpbsafety.com/zlink

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Spotted! The #RPBNova2000 showing it’s motorcycle-fit strength during offshore rope access blasting by Monadelphous Careers. Great shot by Alexander Sloane.

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