Z-Link - Primary Attachments

Footage of the ALL NEW Communication + Ear Defender + Lighting systems for the Z-Link. Which one’s YOUR favorite? Comment below!

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Photos from RPB Safety's post

Photos from the #Safety2017 ASSE Expo. THANK YOU to everyone that dropped by! We’re humbled by the response we received!

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Timeline Photos

What pressure do you operate your Nova 3 at? Several variables determine the pressure that should be used. To determine your assembly’s correct pressure range, refer to the Breathing Air Pressure Table on Page 9 of the Nova 3 Instruction Manual. Here’s..

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Set up a Radex Airline Filter in under 2 minutes

#HowToMonday WATCH the video below to see how you can stop breathing contaminated air and upgrade your airline filter in less than 2 mins! Protecting you for #LifesBestMoments.

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Can the Radex Airline Filter operate more that 1 air line at the same time? Yes! ✅ The 04-900 can run up to 2 air lines. An 04-960 Six-Outlet Upgrade Kit is also available to run up to 6 air lines from the same filter! #TipTuesday rpbsafety.com/radex

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Game on! FREE #RPBDetonator energy drinks! Booth #803#Safety2017

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Day 2. #ASSE Expo. Booth #803. Let’s do this! #Safety2017

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American Society of Safety Engineers

Paws off! Day 1 at the ASSE 2017 Conference! #Safety2017

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#MondayMotivation GET AFTER IT.

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2-day COUNTDOWN to the Annual ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) Safety Conference at the Colorado Convention Center! Pop by Booth #803. #Safety2017

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