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The RPB® C40 Climate Control Device can heat and cool your supplied air as desired. With the slide of a lever, operators can switch from heating to cooling effortlessly, ensuring optimal levels of comfort.



The most advanced climate control system on the market

The RPB® C40 can cool incoming air by up to 52°F (29°C) or heat it by up to 33°F (18°C). This is achieved by simply switching the mixing lever from hot to cold!


Durable Belt

Belt material designed with long shelf-life properties for maximum durability and comfort.


Zero Clothing
Upgrades Required

Exhausted air is always directed away from the operator’s body, eliminating the need for a heat shield or heat resistant clothing.

Low Maintenance

The air silencers are the
only parts that need
cleaning or replacing.

Plug Compatibility

Choose from a range of
compatible plugs to suit
any of your applications.

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C40 Climate Control Brochure (English)

C40 Climate Control Instruction Manual (English)

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