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Designed to work with you, not against you! Gone are the days of having to fight against a Tyvek® respirator. The RPB® T-Link® moves with the operator anywhere they turn.

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Optimum Vision

Operate with widened perspective

Greater visibility in a painting respirator. The T-Link features exceptional downward and peripheral vision.


Comfort-Link™ Fit System

The Comfort-Link™ is an optional, fully-adjustable fit system that allows total control of helmet and head placement as well as making sure the T-Link® moves with your head.

Full Visor Frame

This ensures the lens will never hit your nose

Dupont Tychem Material

Only the best materials are used to build our products.

Tuck-in Collar

Provides extra protection and allows air to flow over the upper body to aid with cooling.

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Additional Information

Australia & New Zealand, North America & Mexico, Rest of World – CE Certification, Rest of World – NIOSH Certification

Head protection system

17-010 Hard hat, 17-110 Bump Cap


17-712 Tychem QC, 17-712-S Tychem QC with Safety Lens, 17-713-S Tychem SL with Safety Lens

Air flow device

03-101 Constant Flow Valve, 03-102 Constant Flow Valve, 03-501 C40 Climate Control Device, 03-502 C40 Climate Control Device, 03-901 PX4 Air, 03-901-G PX4 Air, 03-901-OV PX4 Air, 03-901-OV-G PX4 Air

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