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It’s easy to forget about those doing the hard, risky jobs. But we’ve been there. We know the kind of work being done and the conditions being worked in. And that’s what started us on this journey. Back in the 1970s, while working in abrasive blasting, day in day out the heavy helmets took their toll. Not prepared to compromise our safety we started developing what has become the world’s best performing, most comfortable respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

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Our focus remains in the same place today. Our specialized RPE is created to advance safety and increase productivity. Our range of supplied and powered air respirators, airline filters, and gas monitoring equipment are the result of precisely focused R&D and real experience, both our own and our customers. We are champions for safety standards. We genuinely want to find a solution that makes a business and its people safer and more productive, whether that’s by choosing our products or not. As long as the job can be done safely, we’re happy. Because they say the best is yet to come, and nothing is more important to us than making sure everyone gets to be there to enjoy it. Protecting people for life’s best moments drives everything we do.

Giving back

As well as protecting people for life’s best moments, we also try to help in the not so good times. Through initiatives that combine creativity with fundraising engagement, we’re committed to give to those in need. We aim to raise awareness of humanitarian issues across industries and communities. Because we want to help build a better future for the families of the world's hardworking industrial troops.

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