Our Mission

Protecting you for life's best moments®
by creating the world's best industrial respirators
that advance your safety and increase your productivity.

40 Years of disruptive innovation

RPB's Special Operations Unit

Established in the 1970's Special Ops is an R&D group
comprised of PPE innovators, users and advocates.

We specialize in air supplied respirators, airline filters,
monitoring equipment & safety essentials.

leading industrial firms turn to RPB when:

  • Facing threats from competitors in project lead times and profitability
  • Frustrated with outdated optical, communication and protective technology
  • Under pressure to eliminate excessive spending, safety issues and downtime
  • Seeking a competitive advantage by increasing workforce morale and retention

tactical advantages

Boost your productivity & reduce operational expenses.
Tear-off lens

Instant temperature control lever

Mounted helmet lighting system

In-helmet communication

Custom comfort padding design

Smart device gas monitoring

Leaving no family behind

Giving back


We're helping build a better future for the families of America's unsung heroes.
For the men and women helping build America, who risk their lives
so that their future generations can thrive, rather than survive.

Global distribution

From Seattle to Sydney to Munich, access RPB products
worldwide through a vast & certified network of Authorized Distributors.


Although many claim safety is paramount, we walk the talk.
Our products are certified to the standards shown, where applicable, and many more!


At RPB® Safety, we believe deeply in 'Protecting you for life's best moments®'.

We achieve this by accepting only excellence in the design and manufacture of our industrial respiratory and safety equipment. We continually strive to meet and exceed customer expectations by delivering on three key objectives:

• Development of 'world's best' certified products,

• Exceptional customer service, and

• On-time delivery.


RPB® Safety LLC is committed to:
• Proving and maintaining a frame work that supports the Quality Policy and objectives.

• Conducting review of the QMS at planned intervals.

• Continual improvement of the QMS.

• Maintaining a certified Quality Assurance Program in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and the requirements of applicable NIOSH, and European PPE Regulations.

• Ensuring all employed at RPB comprehend the importance of maintaining compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements.

• Maintaining consistent product quality, that is recognized, maintained and valued by all employees.

• Continually improve the quality of our products and service through customer feedback, creativity, innovation, validation and review.

• Developing strong trusted relationships with customers and consumers.

• Developing strong trusted relationships with external providers.

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