The side pads on my Nova 3 are too tight, how can I loosen them?

At the back of the neck pad there is an adjustment knob that adjusts the sizing of the helmet. Also, the side pads are available in 3 sizes (A10, A15 & A20). Helmets are manufactured with the A10 (thinnest) sidepads. A20 is the thickest side pads.

What side pad sizes are available for the Nova 3?

Size 10, Size 15 and Size 20. The factory installs size 10 (thinnest).

Which respirators can the L4 Light be used with?

The L4 Light can be used with the Nova 3® respirator.

What is the heating/cooling range of the C40 Climate Control Device?

The RPB® C40™ Climate Control Device cools incoming air by 52°F and heats incoming air by 33°F.

The battery sticker on the L4 Light has a temperature rating of 0-45 degrees Celsius (0-133°F). Are these lights not recommended with working in below freezing temperatures?

The reason for the rating is that this type of battery does not charge well in temperatures below the recommended range. You should make sure to return the battery to an environment that is within the recommended range and stabilize its temperature before charging. Once charged, the light should work acceptably in lower temperature environments.

What is the heating range of the Hot Tube?

The RPB® 4000-20 Hot Air Tube Assembly™ warms compressed breathing air coming into respirators by as much as 30°F (17°C).

Can the Radex Airline Filter operate more that 1 air line at the same time?

Yes. The 04-900 can run up to 2 airlines. An 04-960 Six-Outlet Upgrade Kit is available to run up to 6 airlines from the same filter.

Why can't I get air out of my Radex Airline Filter?

Check that the regulator is not installed backwards.

Why do I have oil dripping from my CO Monitor, even though I'm using a Radex Airline Filter?

This indicates that you have oil in your airlines. The Radex Airline Filter is not an oil separator.

Why do I need a Radex Airline Filter?

The Radex Airline Filter removes moisture and particles from the air supplied by your compressor.

How often should the Radex Filter Cartridge be replaced?

The cartridge should be replaced every 3 months or 400 working hours. If you are working in a humid climate, we recommend replacing it more often.

What CFM is required to operate the Nova 2000?

6-15 CFM with a NV2016 Flow Control Device and 18 CFM with a 4000-01 Cold Air Tube or 4000-20 Hot Air Tube.

What CFM is required to operate the Astro?

6-15 CFM with a NV2016 Flow Control Device and 18 CFM with a 4000-01 Cold Air Tube or 4000-20 Hot Air Tube.

What CFM is required to operate the Nova 3?

6-15 CFM with a NV2016 Flow Control Device and 18 CFM with a 4000-01 Cold Air Tube or 4000-20 Hot Air Tube.

What pressure do I operate my Nova 3 at?

There are several variables to determine the pressure that should be used. Refer to the Breathing Air Pressure Table on page 9 of the Nova 3 Instruction Manual to determine the correct pressure range for your assembly.

Dust is getting between my lenses. How do I stop this?

Ensure all lenses you use are genuine RPB parts. These are easily identified by the RPB logo stamped in the corner of the lens. There should be 1 x inner lens, 1 x outer lens and 3 x tear-off lenses to ensure there is a good seal between the lenses and the visor frame.

The Nova 3 Visor is very tight to shut. How can I shut it more easily?

When shutting the Nova 3 visor, the return on the top of the visor must be positioned under the peak on the helmet. Ensure the return on the visor is not closing over the top of the peak.

How heavy is the Nova 3?

4.0 lbs without a breathing tube or flow valve. Approximately 5.5 lbs including the breathing tube and flow valve (depending on the flow valve being used).

How heavy is the Nova 2000?

3.65 lbs without breathing tube and flow valve. Approximately 5 lbs including the breathing tube and flow valve (depending on the flow valve being used).

How do I download the logs from my CO Monitor?

Refer to the Instruction Manual.

How do I register my CO Monitor?

After installing the software from the CD provided, connect your monitor to your PC using the cable provided. Press 'Connect', then 'Disconnect' and follow the instructions.

The screen on my CO Monitor says "Low Battery - Suspend". What does this mean?

The on-board stand-by batteries have drained. This may indicate that your power supply is defective. Try using a different power outlet.

How long is a new CO Monitor Sensor good for?

2 years. The device starts counting down from 740 days. At the end of 2 years the screen will display "Replace sensor immediately". This can be overridden, but the message will display every time the unit is turned on.

How often should I re-calibrate my CO Monitor?

We recommend calibrating your monitor at least once per month using the 08-228 Calibration Kit. However, if you are experiencing issues with your air quality, it would be wise to calibrate it more often.

To maintain warranty on the device and obtain a current calibration certificate, you should send your monitor to the factory for re-calibration every 6 months (180 days). The screen on the device will display a reminder when 6 months is up. You can override this by pressing the 'OK' button. If you are completing regular calibration checks and have proof that these are passing, there is no need for the device to be returned to the factory for calibration.

Should I turn my CO Monitor off when not in use, or leave it on?

We recommend leaving it on. Turning it off does no extend the life of the sensor - the lifespan begins at the date the unit is manufactured.

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