Nova 3 Cassette Lenses

Purchase an RPB Nova 3 respirator during April and May and receive a

FREE box of 20 RPB® cassette lenses!

The RPB cassette lens system for the Nova 3 is made up of one outer lens and five tear-off lenses fused together. The pre-folded tabs ensure only one lens comes off at a time, saving a reported 48 minutes a day, per blaster, and are easy to use while wearing blasting gloves. The tear-off lenses allow you to maintain clear vision for longer, increasing safety by reducing the need to remove your respirator while on the job, keeping you protected for life’s best moments.

What is a cassette lens system?

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One box of 20 RPB cassette lenses will automatically ship free with each new RPB Nova 3 respirator purchased from Marco. Offer is only valid on new purchases from April 1st through until May 31st 2020, through participating distributors. Offer valid for U.S customers only. Cannot be combined with any other offer. For full details contact RPB Safety.

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