Important Safety Information

RPB products are intended for occupational use in accordance with applicable standards or regulations for your location, industry, and activity. Familiarity with standards and regulations related to the use of this protective equipment is recommended, even if they do not directly apply to you. If self-employed or if used in a non-occupational setting, refer to Employer Responsibilities and Product User Safety Instructions in your product manual, and become familiar with standards and regulations that relate to the use of protective equipment. These links provide a starting point for learning about standards and regulations. There may be additional or different standards and regulations that you should follow depending on your location, industry and activity.



European Standards

Note: EN standards have to be purchased individually. They are available from multiple sites. The links provided below are from the European Union Government site.

EN 379 EN 14594
AS/NZS 1716:2003 EN 12021
AS/NZS 1715 EN 12941
EN 397 EN 352-1
EN 352-2 EN 352-3
EN 352-6: EN 166
European Community Directive 89/686/EEC
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