"Everyone is much happier, and we make more money" - John Buckstead of Buckstead Blasting

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Q: Before you used the RPB Nova 3 Helmet, what challenges did you face?

A: We hated changing the inner shields in all types of our old helmets. The guys would scratch them installing them to where they were almost junk before we used them!

Q: What was the turning point? Was there a specific incident that drove you to change? When did you find out about RPB?

A: On an offsite job, we went through all our lenses and had to quit early. We demonstrated the Nova 3 and it increased output and lowered costs!!!

Q: What has changed since you began using the RPB Nova 3 Helmet?

A: Everyone is much happier, and we make more money!

Q: What numbers can you put on your savings?

A: We estimate $2,000 a year in savings and increased output.

Q: What advice would you give to another company experiencing the same challenges you did?

A: I want my competition to suffer!!

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