"I didn’t think I’d get as much movement in my head as I’m welding, but it turned out to fit very nice and felt really good."

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My name is Nathaniel Williams. I’m a welder here.

I’m Tyler Adams. I’m with Pacific Fisherman Shipyard. I’m the safety and environmental compliance manager.

And we’re in Seattle, Washington. In the small neighborhood of Ballard. We repair ships.

We are a full service yard. We have painters, machinists, my shop is the welding shop. Typically boats come in, if they need repairs, modifications, whatever they need, we typically are able to assist them on whatever.

I really like the Z4. It was a lot more comfortable than I expected it to be. Taking a glance at it I thought I’d be a little heavier. I didn’t think I’d get as much movement in my head as I’m welding, but it turned out to fit very nice and felt really good.

They love them, they love them. They’re very comfortable. They’ve got good padding all around their heads. It kind of dampens some of the pressure and noise they feel when they’re working in there, and I haven’t had any complaints about the Nova 2000.

I was getting that fresh supply within the hood, which really helped my breathing. You know sometimes when you wear just a filtered respirator, it’s kind of restricted. Once your filters kind of get clogged you start to breathe heavier and heavier to try to get that air coming in, with the Z4 I didn’t have the issue at all.

Respiratory protection is incredibly important. It’s something that was overlooked for a very long time in the metals trades. Especially dealing with the paint and the fumes, all the lead, and just everything we deal with here, everyday. it’s a number one priority.

Some of the things I enjoy doing the most, I got two kids, so making it home to them is always always a priority. When I’m not with them I love to golf.

Relax, take a nap. But I’m also like to go up to the mountains and go camping. And if I had a bad respiratory system? I couldn’t climb mountains, I couldn’t run around in the woods.

Play sports, stay active, love camping, and spending time with my family.

To me, without respiratory protection that wouldn’t have happened. It’s among the most important things we do here in the shipyard, is protect our respiratory systems.

The RPB® Z4® is designed with your comfort as top priority.

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