"...I wear the hood for 8 hours a day and being comfortable is very important!" - Jason Morrison of Regal Industrial

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The Sasko family started in Donora, Pennsylvania, approximately 30 minutes southeast of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Since the business began in 1974, Regal Industrial has expanded to service the Northeast, Great Lakes, and Midwest regions.

We have developed teamwork, training and efficient project applications to meet and exceed customer’s expectations. This commitment and the engineered approach has greatly assisted our organization to assure and consistently provide expert workmanship and provide quality, completed projects before the client’s deadline.

Q: Before you used the RPB Nova 3 Helmet, what challenges did you face?

A: Before I used the Nova 3 I used a Bullard hood for blasting. The Bullard hood was very uncomfortable, and if you had to lay down it would almost fall off of your head, it was always moving around. The Nova 3 stays in place the entire time no matter what I do.

Q: What was the turning point? Was there a specific incident that drove you to change? When did you find out about RPB?

A: The company bought a Nova 3, and I tried it out and I loved it!

Q: What has changed since you began using the RPB Nova 3 Helmet?

A: My job, sandblasting and metalizing, has been better because of the comfortable fit of the Nova. I wear the hood for 8 hours a day and being comfortable is very important.

Q: What numbers can you put on your savings?

A: I can’t put numbers on it, but I know being comfortable while working increases productivity.

Q: If there is another company out there struggling with the challenges you faced before changing, what advice or recommendations would you give them?

A: Making the job easier by using top of the line equipment makes a world of difference, and Nova hoods, compared to any other hoods are the ones that do that for you.

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