"I walked out of there with the best piece of equipment on my truck the RPB Nova 3!" - Shawn Clark of Worthington Monuments

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Q: Before you used the RPB Nova 3 Helmet, what challenges did you face?

A: Before finding the Nova 3 helmet we used a variety of helmets. Bullard and Astro these helmets were ok but that is because we had never used a Nova 3. I would never switch back. Buying this helmet was the best decision we could have made. The others just do not have the convenience and comfort of the Nova 3. We struggled with blasting in the air and having to take the helmet off every time we needed to change the shield because they didn’t have tear-offs like the Nova 3. They also didn’t come with the cooler tube after buying the Nova 3 I was hooked for life.

Q: What was the turning point? Was there a specific incident that drove you to change? When did you find out about RPB?

A: The turning point for us was when I went to buys and from our dealer and they had a brochure sitting there on the desk. Before this, I had never heard of or seen anyone using the Nova 3. The old Bullard

I was using at the time needed a couple of new parts for it and I decided I’d just ask how much the Helmet was. I was blown away with how cost-efficient it was. Needless to say, I did not buy the new parts for the old Bullard. Instead, I walked out of there with the best piece of equipment on my truck the RPB Nova 3!

Q: What has changed since you began using the RPB Nova 3 Helmet?

A: Our production speed has sped up tremendously. The tear-off system alone is worth buying this helmet. If you have ever been blasting to the point that you are basically blasting blindly because you can’t stand to stop and change the lens on your helmet. Give this Nova a try it is so convenient.

The comfort level of this helmet also far surpasses the others on the market. It cools and heats very well also. You do not have to come out of this helmet every five minutes to do something to it or change something on it. No one at the shop minds throwing on the Nova.

Q: What numbers can you put on your savings?

A: Our savings in downtime and man-hours spent on different jobs is probably a couple of thousand dollars a month since buying the Nova 3.

This Nova 3 has definitely lowered our cost by speeding up productivity all around. The team does not mind wearing this helmet for long periods of time because it is comfortable, cool and lightweight everyone is happier with the Nova 3.

Q: If there is another company out there struggling with the challenges you faced before changing, what advice or recommendations would you give them?

A: If you have all the same problems as everyone in the blasting business does with the old standard helmets and you know you do. Give the Nova 3 a look better yet just go ahead and buy one. You will not be sorry you did. This helmet, in my opinion, is top-notch, top of the line. They have put a lot of thought and detail into it to make our lives easier and faster.

Q: Our mission is to “protect you for life’s best moments”. In your own words, how do you feel we do that for yourself?

A: It’s simple. RPB improves lives by making a job bearable that isn’t enjoyable.

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