High-quality protection from chemical and biological hazards.

Our chemical respirators offer the ultimate lightweight protection.

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Heavy duty protection in a lightweight package

Our lightweight respirator hoods are tough enough to stand up to hazardous, challenging environments yet comfortable enough to wear through long shifts.

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Greater protection level

Loose-fitting respirators offer a higher protection level over tight-fitting respirators, as they don't require fit testing and there is no risk of facial hair breaking the seal.

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Suited for you

From temperature control to cape options and material choices, our pharmacuetical range lets you select the protection that works best for you.

RPB T-Link

Works with you, not against you.

The RPB T-Link guarantees a lightweight, secure fit that moves with you as you turn. Comfort-enhancing features include padding, even weight distribution, an adjustable head suspension, and optional additional padding for extra stability.

High-quality, cost-effective respirators for the needs of the medical and pharmaceutical industry

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Protective DuPont Tychem materials

Our hoods are made of DuPont Tychem materials, including the Tychem 4000 Saronex-coated option that is certified for at least 30 minutes of protection against over 120 chemical substances.

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Hood and cape options for increased protection

RPB loose-fitting hoods come in a range of collar, bib, and safety lens options for larger coverage areas and greater protection from chemical splash or other contaminants.

We believe in giving back

As well as protecting people for life’s best moments, we also try to help in the hard times. Through a variety of initiatives, we aim to raise awareness of humanitarian issues across industries and communities.

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