All-in-one respirator systems with cooling and lighting options offer safety and relief in harsh environments.

Built for metalcasters, our respirators help shine a light on safety

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Keep your cool

Powered air provides a cooling airflow and supplied air options offer temperature control with the slide of a lever, making it more comfortable in hot environments.

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Don't be kept in the dark

Optional lighting accessories can be added without modifications to the respirator, providing light where you need it.

Foundry comfort safety

Designed for comfort and safety

Our foundry range is made from tough, lightweight materials with optional head, eye, and hearing protection for an all-in-one safety system.

Case study

Z-Link® Respirator

"The biggest thing for us to make the change to the Z-Link helmet was the availability of them. The fact that when we want to place an order we know we’re gonna get it within days instead of having to wait maybe two to three weeks if not longer. Just this last week we placed an order on Wednesday and we received our order on Thursday. So it was one day to get our order. It’s phenomenal, it’s exactly what we need."

Heavy industry protection in lightweight, comfortable packages

Foundry temperature control

Individual temperature control

Metalcasters can stay cool and comfortable in hot foundries with the C40 Climate Control. This powerful, lightweight device allows them to cool their incoming supplied air by up to 52 degrees F.

Foundry lens options

Lens options for eye protection

With a choice of 5 anti-fog and scratch-resistant ANSI Z87+ visors, our foundry respirators have lenses to suit across a variety of applications, including arc spraying.


It's more than a product. It's a system.

The RPB Z-Link is a versatile, multi-purpose respirator that offers built-in, padded hard hat protection with optional side padding to further increase comfort and stability. The large visor provides widened vision and a visor that hinges open for free-air breathing and communication.

Designed with care. Built with quality.

Made in the USA using high-quality materials, our gear is designed with comfort as top priority. We’ve made it more enjoyable to wear so you never need to compromise on safety when it comes to wearability.