Lightweight, secure, comfortable protection for painters.

Our painting respirators work with you, not against you.

Painting headtops

Designed for comfort and safety

With even weight distribution, optional padding, and adjustable head suspension, our lightweight painting range ensures a snug, comfortable fit.

Painting optimalvision

Optimal vision

Large lenses for peripheral and downward vision and hoods that turn with you as you move ensure a wide range of vision.

Painting efficiency2

Increase efficiency

Save time with features like peel-off lenses and cooling solutions, which reduce the need to stop mid-task for breaks or respirator maintenance.

Designed to make the hardest paint jobs easier.

Painting peeloff lens

Peel-off lens system

Quickly and easily maintain a clear view with the cassette lens system. The individually pre-folded tabs are easy to grab while wearing gloves, and ensure only one lens is removed at a time.

Painting c40

Temperature control for comfort

Whether painting in hot or cold environments, you can stay comfortable with the C40 Climate Control. This powerful, lightweight device allows you to heat and cool your incoming supplied air with the slide of a lever.

RPB T-Link

Moves with you, not against you.

Gone are the days of having to fight against a Tyvek® respirator. The RPB T-Link moves with you as you turn, keeping you protected without restraining your motion. With a large lens for increased vision, the T-Link helps you keep those paint jobs pristine.

Why does our gear feel so good to wear?

Safety is a must, but we don’t want inconvenience or discomfort to get in the way of you being able to enjoy life’s best moments. That’s why our gear is so lightweight and evenly balanced, with great functionality and usability.