What is a PAPR?

A powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) is a portable battery-powered air filtration system. The system filters out contaminants and particulates in the immediate environment to provide the user with clean filtered air, which is then powered through a breathing tube connected to a loose or tight-fitting respirator.

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Ideal settings for PAPRs

Commonly used in the manufacturing industry, PAPRs are suitable for any working environment where unrestricted movement is essential, and eye, face, or hearing protection is required. Combining multiple forms of PPE into the one system makes PAPRs ideal for not only industrial workplaces, but also healthcare settings too. With complete portability, experience an uncompromised range of movement while receiving clean, filtered air with a PAPR.

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How can a PAPR help protect you and your team?

PAPRs are a positive pressure respirator. This enables the user to breathe as they normally would as the air supply is propelled into the users breathe zone through its fan. This innovative approach enables an advanced level of respiratory protection as the HE filters utilized offer a greater filtration capacity than negative pressure respirators. The result, a safer, more comfortable, and productive team.

RPB Powered Air Purifying Respirators

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RPB PX5 for Healthcare

The RPB PX5 is a compact and versatile PAPR that changes the way people experience clean filtered air across multiple industries. Rated to IP65 in use and IP67 with cleaning kit in place, the PX5 has been engineered with a completely sealed housing unit and smooth, considered surfaces for ease of decontamination.

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RPB PX5 for Industrial

The RPB PX5 features a sleek and ergonomically designed housing unit and mounting system. With its vertical positioning supported by our flexi belt system, the PX5 contours to the user to relieve them of aches and strains, reducing the effects of fatigue and enabling them work safer for longer.

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RPB PX4 for Industrial

The RPB PX4 Air is constructed from robust materials, designed to withstand the harsh conditions of industrial work environments. With a highly efficient filter cartridge, the PX4 provides maximum filtration for the user. Experience more of your environment with complete freedom of movement without the restriction of attached airlines.

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Compatible with our industry leading headtops

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RPB Z-Link

The RPB Z-Link is the most versatile respirator in the world lending itself to multiple industries and applications.

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RPB Z-Link+

The RPB Z-Link+ offers versatile welding protection in the industry's first-ever padded welding respirator.

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The RPB Z4 is the world's lightest welding/grinding respirator, designed with your comfort as top priority.

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The RPB Z3 combines respiratory protection with leading optical technology.

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RPB T-Link

The RPB T-Link is the respirator that is designed to work with you, not against you.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How effective are the PAPR filters at removing particulates from the air? The PX4 HEPA Filter (part # 03-985) will filter out 99.97% of all particulates down to 0.15 microns. The PX5 filter media removes up to 99.97% of particulates down to 0.12 microns.
  • How long does the PX5 battery last? The long-life lithium-ion battery lasts 8+ hours on the highest fan speed, 9+ hours on medium fan speed, and 12+ hours on the lowest fan speed.

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