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Get more out of the mandatory.

When safety is also comfortable, people are more productive. That’s the RPB difference.

Our range of supplied and powered air respirators, airline filters, monitoring equipment and safety essentials are designed to advance safety and increase productivity. And that’s just the start.

Here’s why every business that takes safety seriously needs RPB:

More for your money

For excellent value for money, we’ve gone a step further with our design by wrapping multiple pieces of personal protection equipment (PPE) into one. By combining lighting, temperature control, communications, replaceable lenses and ultimate comfort in one convenient, up-to-date piece of equipment, you can reduce operational expenses while increasing productivity.

More productive staff

Safety is non-negotiable in our book, so we’ve made it a pleasure to wear. Because comfy staff are happy staff that work better/faster/longer. RPB RPE is super comfortable with the perfect weight balance and excellent functionality and usability.

Made in the USA

RPB gear is made in the USA using high quality materials and components sourced from trusted global partners that not only meet rigorous raw materials standards, but often exceed them!

Game-changing products

Our innovative and thorough approach to ensuring we’re always offering the very best level of safety has led us to create game-changing products like the lightest respirator for heavy industrial use on the market and even bespoke solutions for unique challenges.

Thorough R&D

Ensuring our gear is the best starts with solid research and development. Ours begins on the factory floor, carried out by our team of global specialists.

Shaped by those who use it

We use customer feedback, market demands and competitor product analysis to inform product design and continually adapt and evolve it.

Fast, agile service

We may not be the biggest, but we think that’s what lets us be the best. We’re agile, moving faster to keep up market demands in design and performance. And when something is needed immediately, we work at speed to dispatch orders within hours, not days or even weeks! Because safety won’t wait; compliance issues cost so we work to keep your risk down.

We’re experts in RPE

As specialists in our field, we’re wholly dedicated to respiratory safety. And it all began with our own inside knowledge of industrial conditions.

The world’s best gear

We really do believe this is the best respiratory protection equipment you can get, offering excellent value for money for such advanced safety and knock-on benefits.

Designed with care. Built with quality.

Made in the USA using high-quality materials, our gear is designed with comfort as top priority. We’ve made it more enjoyable to wear so you never need to compromise on safety when it comes to wearability.

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