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RPB Learning Hub Course Catalog

RPB1150 Facial Hair Module Thumbnail Image

Facial Hair

In this course we take a look into the problems that facial hair can cause when it comes respirator use, and ways to ensure you’re always protected and compliant.

RPB1150 Heat Stress Module Thumbnail Image

Heat Stress

Understand the impact of heat stress on operator safety and the ways to mitigate this health risk.

RPB1150 Silica Module Thumbnail Image


Understand how silica exposure impacts operator’s health and identify ways to mitigate this risk to ensure greater safety and compliance.

RPB1150 Isocyanates Thumbnail


Gain awareness of the health effects of isocyanate exposure for painters and what can be done to ensure their protection.

RPB1150 How to Z4 Thumbnail

How to: Z4

A video series demonstrating how to set up, use and maintain your Z4 respirator.

RPB1150 Head Injuries Module Thumbnail Image

Head Injuries

This course explores the risk of head injuries in the workplace and how to mitigate these hazards.

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UV Rays and Welding

In this training module, we take a look into how welding creates UV radiation and how this impacts operator safety.

RPB1150 Understanding the Terminology Thumbnail

Understanding the Terminology

The respiratory safety world is full of jargon and this can be get confusing when you’re new to it. In this module we'll explain some of the key terminology that gets used, so you can sound like an expert in no time!

RPB1150 How to C40 Thumbnail

How to: C40

A video series demonstrating how to use and maintain your C40 Climate Control Device.

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