03 May Our Heroes Will Never Be Forgotten

Amy and Emma Dozier’s lives were changed irrevocably on January 9th 2008 when their hero, Staff Sergeant Jonathan Doziers’ life was lost when his unit was hit by an IED (Improvised Explosive Device) in Iraq. Emma was just 13 months old at the time.

Aside from their family and friends, one of their greatest sources of strength and support has been from the non-profit organization ‘Believe With Me’. BWM recently reached out to the family at a emotionally difficult time of year sending Emma Christmas gifts and letters. Since Jonathan’s death, BWM have been a huge emotional support to Amy as she came to terms with her role as a solo parent and helped her keep the memory of Emma’s dad alive. Click to hear Amy's story.

RPB® are pleased to show our support for ‘Believe With Me’ to help all the gold star families they work with. During the month of May by donating each time you purchase a Nova 3®, Nova 2000® or Z-Link®. Click to see how RPB® is supporting 'Believe With Me'.

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