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The RPB® Nova Talk is a wireless communication system designed to build upon the safety and productivity enhancing features of the Nova 2000 and Nova 3®. It is ideal for crew on tanks, in shipyards, water towers and areas that are difficult to access.


foam padding

The entire headset is encased in padding, which brings the microphone as close to the operator’s mouth as possible.


chest harness

Keep your radio and cables secure and out of the operators way.


Compatible with most radio
systems, including two-pin
and multi-pin radio models.

External Headset

RPB R-Tex high noise headset
is designed for operators not
using a respirator, such as a
pot tender or a hole watch.
Noise-cancelling with an
NRR rating of 23 dBA.

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Nova Talk Brochure (English)

Nova Talk Instruction Manual (English)

RPB Nova 2000 Talk NIOSH Instruction Manual Spanish

RPB Nova 3 Talk NIOSH Instruction Manual English

RPB Nova 3 Talk NIOSH Instruction Manual Spanish


The RPB® Nova Talk™ intrinsically safe version (09-800)
conforms to UL STD 913: Certified to CAN/CSA-C22.2 No 157.
Note: The system is only intrinsically safe when connected to an intrinsically safe radio.

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