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RPB Z-Link

Comfort and versatility

The RPB Z-Link is the most versatile respirator in the world. RPB's all-in-one respirator systems with cooling and lighting options offer safety and relief in hot, dark environments.

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Experience the difference.

Our Buy-to-Try Program allows customers to try the Z-Link for one month, so you can experience the difference. It's as simple as selecting the product and filling out your contact details then an RPB representative will be in touch. The trial allows you to try, compare and if you're still not satisfied we'll happily give your money back.

Why does our gear feel so good to wear?

Safety is a must, but we don’t want inconvenience or discomfort to get in the way of you being able to enjoy life’s best moments. That’s why our gear is so lightweight and evenly balanced, with great functionality and usability.